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9 Ways Millennials Redefined Fitness

Millennials have really played a big role in the society. They have the power to dictate trends, fads, even tell us what’s hot and what’s not.

It’s amazing how influential they are, even in the field of fitness.

9 Tips We Can Learn From Millennials

1. Dieting is a lifestyle. Health and wellness is a must. Millennials give great value for their health.

In fact next to family, they value their health and wellness most. According to a recent study, 53% of persons value their health and wellness.

They value their health and overall wellness too much that eating healthy is a lifestyle choice and not a goal driven diet.

2. Exercise is not forced. Did you know that a full 84% of the millennials workout at least once in a week? Most of them exercise more than once in a week and nearly half of the 84% consider their exercise is their passion.

3. They invest on health and fitness.

Millennials do not earn as big as the previous and older generations, but they invest their money on anything health and fitness like gears, gym memberships, diet supplements and fresh organic produce.

Given that millennials are more educated, there’s less resistance to Hormone Replacement Therapy and the best hgh supplements that keep the body younger and functioning without all the aches and pains.

4. Older generations like Zumba, millennials like it Zen.

The millennials are the generation that would love to spend time meditating, doing yoga and turning to natural therapies to get in touch with their inner self and get realizations.

5. Health is the key to success.

They believe that to be successful, you must pursue good health. They believe that being health means you are capable of doing things and performing tasks more successfully.

6. Apps help in their lifestyle choices.

Millennials have fueled the demand for health related apps. Before millennials, older generations never really cared about these apps concerning health, some may have cared but it was not enough to create a demand for these apps.

7. What they share on social media platforms are mostly health related.

Because health and wellness is their lifestyle, millennials tend to feed their minds with information concerning them and what they like.

Whatever information they digest, they share it to their circles, friends and followers. Some even share these info through text.

8. Health goals = long life.

Millennials are health conscious not only because they want to look fit and chiseled, but it’s also because they are driven by a desire and passion to live long, happy and healthy lives.

They believe that one way to improve their quality of life, being able to handle stress and cope with or remove anxiety, is through being healthy and staying healthy.

9. They have a wide source of information.

Millennials get their health information not just from one media source but various sources like websites, podcasts, social media platforms, and other sources.

The top sources are from general health websites, magazine websites, fitness websites, and holistic wellness websites.

Millennials are not just trendsetters. We may see them as a generation different from our own, but I can say that millennials will really make you realize how important your health is. I hope after reading this you will also think about how you’ve been living your life and what you could do to get to your maximum potential.

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